What is Quickcartoon?

Quickcartooning is Live-action! My name is Cees Heuvel, and with my live cartoons I can provide on-the-spot backup or commentary for your presentation, congress or brainstorm session. Hilarious or serious - as you like it - I will visualize your words with quick, clear lines. At agreed-upon points in the proceedings you can show an overview of the recent cartoons on big flip charts on the wall or, in the midst of the proceedings, with an overhead projector or beamer. What you get is a visual reminder, summary or synopsis. Afterwards it is possible to receive the drawings by email for printing or use in later presentations.

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Quickcartoon, "stand-up cartooning" if you like, is growing in popularity. And why shouldn't it be?! During your meeting or training session, Quickcartoon provides welcome support for your information. Your customers, employees or relations will be amused… and therefore more alert. The subject matter discussed will remain longer in the mind of your audience. A picture, after all, ‘reads’ more easily.


The process may start with a short briefing, during which possibilities and prognoses are traced out. Where to make it funny and where not, where to wait and where to take action.
In most cases I work with markers on a flip chart. Another possibility is to use sheets on an overhead projector, or I can even bring along my laptop with drawing pad and beam the drawings right on a screen.
Again, you can receive the drawings made for future use.




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