Welcome to Quickcartoon, my name is Cees Heuvel.

Quickcartoon supplies illustrations, cartoons, comics and caricature. To support your business
information, invitations, proceedings or internal reports. Comical, serious, hilarious,
with a nudge and a wink… but always clear. Customized to fit the subject and never
rude or dominant. In combination with a humorous image, practical information receives
more human appeal than does dull content consisting only of words, statistics and figures.




Coffee today


Promotion clip for RaboBank. TeleWorkPortal.  


An Infographic about data.


Ahold, Etos, Essent NV, Philips NV, UMC Utrecht, AMC Amsterdam, Avans Hogescholen, Kennisnet, ABN AMRO, House of Performance, Rabobank, USG EnergeyAgrivaknet, Avag, Pon's Automobielen Handel, Aegon, SVB Amsterdam, House of Performance, Scholen in de Kunst Amersfoort, Univé, ANWB, KPN, Achmea, Universiteit van Amsterdam Folia, Raad van State, Min BiZa, Uitgeverij Kosmos, SWP books publishers, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Randstad, Hoogovens, Loeb publishers, van Leer, Postbank, Catharina ziekenhuis Veldhoven, politie Rotterdam, Deloitte, brandweer Gorinchem, M factor, Boertien, TU Eindhoven, Agrivaknet, Thales group, Pepperworks, Via Via, Jazzism, Oog en Blik publishers, Propria Cures and several domestic and foreign clients



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